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March 4, 2020


                                     Work Scheduled for March 8 -16 to Impact Service on Blue/Green Lines


ATLANTA – The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is investing $133.5 million in restoring heavy rail lines as part of the Authority’s ongoing State of Good Repair work and systemwide upgrades. Beginning March 8, customers who use Inman Park/Reynoldstown and Edgewood/Candler Park rail stations will experience minimal service delays as crews begin work on the Blue/Green Lines.

“The State of Good Repair work reflects our commitment to enhancing the safety, efficiency, and longevity of our system,” said MARTA General Manager and CEO Jeffrey Parker. “We ask that our valued customers bear with us during this temporary inconvenience. These ongoing upgrades are designed to improve MARTA’s rail lines and are federally required for us to operate a safe and secure system.”


The Track Renovation Project, TR-IV, is the fourth phase of rail restoration efforts in MARTA’s 40-year operational history. TR-IV, which will continue over the course of seven years, will include a series of repairs to MARTA’s heavy rail lines, with varying degrees of service impact during the renovation program. 


While engineering crews have already started work along the Blue/Green Lines, customers will notice increased wait times beginning March 8 as Green Line trains will not be serving Inman Park/Reynoldstown or Edgewood/Candler Park. The Green Line normally turns back Westbound on the section of rail that will be under construction and will turn back at King Memorial during this project.


Much of the upcoming renovation work will take place during non-peak travel times to minimize customer impact. If Inman Park/Reynoldstown or Edgewood/Candler Park are your stations, give yourself 15-20 additional minutes when traveling March 8 -16. Track work will be suspended to accommodate the Atlanta United game on March 14.


For real time service alerts follow @MARTASERVICE on Twitter or download the MARTA On The Go app.


MARTA TR-IV Quick Facts:

  • MARTA’s track renovation efforts represent a $133.5 million investment in restoring the existing rail lines to enhance safety and extend the life of the rail system.
  • The service impact of this phase of track work will be minimal, but please allot a few extra minutes for travel on the Blue/Green Lines.
  • Future TR-IV work will include varying levels of service impact to MARTA customers and will be communicated well in advance.
  • Customers are invited to connect with MARTA anytime through our customer call center at 404-848-5000 and social media pages @MARTASERVICE on Twitter, @MARTAtransit on Facebook, and @marta_explorers on Instagram.



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