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Public Hearings & Meetings

FY2021 Operating & Capital Budget

Public hearings for the FY2021 have concluded. You can view the video recaps of both public hearings below. If you would like to provide additional comment you may: (1)leave a message at 404-848-5299; (2) send comments to MARTA's Office of External Affairs, 2424 Piedmont Road, N.E. Atlanta, FA, 30324-3330; (3) or email comments to publichearinginfo@itsmarta.com; no later than May 22, 2020.

Recap from the Public Hearing on May 18, 2020

Recap from the Public Hearing on May 19, 2020

View documents and pre-recorded video related to the upcoming budget hearing: 

Briefing FY21 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets (PDF)

FY21 Budget Highlights (PDF)

FY21 CIP Proposed Budget(5.14.20) (PDF)

FY21 Proposed Operating Budget (PDF)