Students Program (K-12)

Schools in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding communities can partner with MARTA to provide their students with safe, reliable transportation. We offer discounted 10-Trip Student Breeze Passes to schools throughout the area that are valid weekdays on all of our buses and trains.

If you're interested in picking up one of these passes, you'll have to do so through your school. Although MARTA sells the passes, each school participating in the program sets up its own payment policy — whether they charge a fee for each pass or offer them to students for free.


Participating schools can purchase 10-trip passes for $14.40, 1-trip passes for $1.44, and 2-trip passes for $2.88 each, no matter how many purchased at once.

Enrolling Your School

Contact our School Discount Program if you want to learn more about the program or have an interest in setting up an account with your school.

School Discount Program (K-12)

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