MARTA Environmental Management System (EMS)

MARTA has continued to make significant contributions to improving the environment and the quality of life in this region.  MARTA’S environmental accomplishments include achieving ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System multi-site certification which currently includes nine of our bus, heavy rail, light rail, and administrative facilities.  MARTA is continuing to implement the new ISO 14001:2015 standard throughout the Authority and expects the remaining two bus maintenance facilities to receive certification by 2023.


“To establish an Authority-Wide policy and program that ensures MARTA’s commitment to compliance with environmental statutes, regulations, & other MARTA requirements. To provide safe and cost-effective pollution prevention, measures by controlling and minimizing the disposal of waste or emissions generated/released from MARTA operations and construction.”

Definition of EMS

  • A set of processes and practices used to manage environmental activities, products, or services that interact with the environment assist in fulfilling compliance obligations, address risks and opportunities, and increase operating efficiency.

Goals of EMS

  • Improve the use of resources and management of environmental impacts with life-cycle considerations.
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance and unwanted escapes with performance monitoring.
  • Improve public perception and relations through greater commitment and involvement of top management in MARTA’s EMS program.
  • Heighten awareness of MARTA’s environmental impact
  • Manage MARTA’s environmental risks and opportunities.

Program Information

  • MARTA is registered under ISO 14001:2015 as a multi-site organization with PRI Registrar, an accredited ANAB registrar. 

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