MARTA Heroes

MARTA Heroes keep Atlanta moving every day. Their jobs are more important now than ever before. Our Heroes take pride in in their work to keep our customers safe by performing everything from frequent cleaning to preventative maintenance. These essential workers are the heart and soul of MARTA. Get to know them in this behind-the-scenes video series!

View the entire series here on YouTube.

DeVandis: Working Through The Pandemic

Robert: Installing Ionization For Fresh Air

David: New Bus Safety Features

James: Station Heavy Cleaning

Aluko: Rail Car Cleaning

Tara: "We want everyone to feel safe"

Tarrence: Mask distribution to customers

Xavier: Keeping Our Stations Clean

Beverly: "Taking care of our customers"

Roy: Keeping Breeze Machines Clean

Stephanie: Mid-day Bus Cleaning

Terence: Operating the Happy Train

Donna: Bus Operators are part of the community

Antoine: Keeping Atlanta Moving

Keli: Track Improvements

Jeff: Rebuilding Our Rail Cars

Carey: Track Replacement

Alphonso: Better real-time information

Angela: Rebuilding elevators and escalators

Canterbury Junction

Transit Oriented Development

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