Eligibility - How to apply

ATTENTION - Open Enrollment Sept. 25 – Oct. 13, 2023  


The program provides an allotment of discounted Breeze tickets to eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and government entities to purchase fares that are disbursed to homeless recipients. To be eligible to participate in the program, agencies must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Serve homeless clients within the current MARTA service area.
  • Be currently registered as a 501 (c)(3), or;
  • Be recognized by MARTA as an official government authority, agency, or department.

    If approved, agencies must also submit the following documents to be certified as a participating agency before receiving discounted Breeze tickets.

    NOTE: Organizations currently enrolled in the program are required to update their documents and submit them via email only. 

    • Documentation of 501 (c)(3) status;
    • A MARTA Transportation Assistance Program for the Homeless Agency Partnership Agreement (signed by the agency’s Executive Director), which includes, but is not limited to, the agency’s agreement of the following: 
      • MARTA Breeze tickets will be distributed to the participating agency’s clients only; 
      • Participating clients/recipients must meet all recipient eligibility requirements;
      • The participating agency agrees to submit the MARTA Transportation Assistance Program for the Homeless Monthly Reporting Form each month and adhere to all  applicable reporting and documentation requirements; 
      • The participating agency agrees to promote MARTA by utilizing the MARTA logo in the agency’s marketing collateral, as outlined in the Agency Partnership Agreement;
      • The participating agency agrees to retain all records pertaining to the Transportation  Assistance Program for the Homeless for a period of three years, as required by MARTA.
    • A copy of the Agency’s Board Resolution on MARTA Transportation Assistance Program for the Homeless (signed by the Board Secretary).
    • A program eligibility letter on agency letterhead stating the following:
      • The agency’s mission;
      • Name and description of program(s) implementing the Transportation Assistance Program; and
      • A description of agency-specific procedures used to track the distribution and usage of MARTA discounted Breeze tickets.
    Applications for the MARTA Transportation Assistance Program for the Homeless will be accepted every two years in September. Applications and separate eligibility documents must be  
    submitted for each participating program within an Agency. Applications and supporting documents will be reviewed by a Final Review Panel for consideration and approval. Upon 
    completion of review of an application, MARTA will issue a response to the Agency indicating acceptance or denial into the program.   

    The entire file of an Agency will be submitted to a Final Review Panel for consideration and approval. Agencies will be accepted for participation in the program subject to available 
    resources for the program as determined by MARTA. The level of administrative allotment offered to organizations under the program will be established and adjusted as determined 
    by MARTA. Duration of the program is at MARTA’s discretion. It is highly recommended that participating organizations also guide their clients to apply for the MARTA Reduced 
    Fare Program which enables eligible senior citizens, people with disabilities and Medicare cardholders to purchase reduced fare Breeze cards. More Information about this program   
    can be found at this link: Reduced Fare Program.

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