Voluntary Benefits

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Welcome, MARTA employees!

We are pleased to offer you access to a comprehensive Voluntary Benefits Program, administered by MARTA’s Human Resources Department. The program makes it possible for FT and PT permanent employees to have access to certain services and purchase various goods by conveniently paying the premiums through payroll deductions. Additional qualification criteria may apply and varies by vendor and services provided. Please visit the vendor’s website for each one of the programs listed below to review the eligibility criteria.

NOTE: It is the employee’s responsibility to commit to expenses that can be honored and that other financial obligations outside of MARTA are not impacted by the decision to participate in this program. MARTA is not responsible for employee’s decisions. 

calc iconBefore you get started, make sure you access your Voluntary Benefits Personal Budget Calculator to provide you with an estimated amount you could use to purchase some of the goods and services offered under this program.
Click here to open instructions on how to use the calculator.

Click here to access the calculator.

*Disclaimer: This calculator is designed to help you determine an approximate amount that you may want to use to purchase goods and/or services under MARTA’s Voluntary Benefits Program. It is based on your MARTA salary and takes into consideration all other deductions made from your gross income. This calculator provides you with a suggested amount. It is your responsibility to ensure that you commit to expenses that you can honor and that other financial obligation you may have outside of MARTA are not impacted by your decision to participate in this program. MARTA will not be held accountable for your decisions. Use this calculator at your discretion. 

As part of MARTA’s Voluntary Benefits Program, you can purchase goods and services in the following categories:

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