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We’ve expanded your Reach!

* Expanded zones in West Atlanta and Belvedere as of May 16.

* Expanded zone at Gillem Logistics Center + the addition of a new zone in North Fulton as of May 30.



Getting you where you need to go, faster!
Try the pilot program now through August 31, 2022!

MARTA and Georgia Tech are partnering on a 6-month pilot of a new on-demand rideshare service, connecting riders the region to MARTA bus and rail service. This pilot is meant to test how on-demand shuttles can be used to make it easier and faster for our riders to get to and from their destinations using MARTA. We’re calling this program: MARTA Reach. As MARTA explores new options with our NextGen Bus project, we’re using this pilot to learn how on-demand service can work to supplement and expand the reach of our buses and trains. MARTA Reach is meant to work with our existing services and will help minimize waiting and walking.

MARTA Reach Zones

1.) West Atlanta
2.) Belvedere
3.) Clayton / Gillem Logistics Center
4.) North Fulton

View Stop Locations

1.) West Atlanta

1 West Atlanta Zone v2

Key transfer points: H.E. Holmes, West Lake, & Bankhead Stations
What we’re trying to learn: How does on-demand service work to serve first-mile needs in a primarily residential community?

2.) Belvedere

2 Belvedere Zone v2

Key transfer points: East Lake, Avondale, & Kensington Stations
What we’re trying to learn: How does on-demand service work to serve first and last mile needs in a mixed used community?

3.) Clayton / Gillem Logistics Center

3 Clayton - Fort Gillem v2

Key transfer points: Bus Routes 55, 192, 193, 194, 195, & 196
What we’re trying to learn: How does on-demand service work to serve last mile needs in an industrial area?

4.) North Fulton

4 North Fulton

Key transfer points: Bus Routes 85, 140, 141, & 142
What we’re trying to learn: How does on-demand service work to serve first and last mile needs in a mixed use community?

How Does It Work?

MARTA Reach is a first-mile/last-mile service meant to connect riders to and from MARTA bus and rail. The service will run from 6:00am – 7:00pm, Monday – Friday. The wait time for a vehicle will be approximately 15 minutes. Depending on time of day, traffic, and road closures.

MARTA Reach works via ridesharing, meaning during your trip other passengers may be picked up or dropped off.

Face masks are required by all passengers on all MARTA vehicles, including MARTA Reach shuttles. Shuttle drivers will also be wearing face masks, and vehicles will be cleaned often to ensure safety.

Shuttles are wheelchair and stroller accessible. At this time, bikes are not allowed on MARTA Reach vehicles.

Reach app screenshot

How to ride Reach
Rides can be booked by downloading the MARTA Reach app from your smartphone’s mobile app store. Riders can also request rides by phone. The app will guide you to designated pick-up and drop-off stops near the beginning or end of your trip. If there’s not a stop where you’d like, you can request additional stop locations in the app.  Riders without a smartphone can call MARTA Customer Service to book at trip at 404-848-5000.

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How much will it cost?
During this pilot, MARTA Reach will cost the same as MARTA bus and rail service, $2.50. All shuttles will be equipped with Breeze and Breeze mobile readers, as well as fareboxes that accept cash. All transfer rules will work the same as bus and rail. No transfers are accepted to/from the Atlanta Streetcar. Please note that customers who pay with cash will not receive free transfers.

Have questions? Email us at

Please call 404-848-4037 to request this information in an alternative format or another language free of charge.

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