Rapid Transit

BRT: Bus Rapid Transit

Many cities across the US and around the world have implemented successful high-capacity transit corridors using BRT. MARTA is working to expand service with this new mode in several communities in Atlanta. 

How It Works

Learn about the specific features of bus rapid transit.

BRT features offer a rail-like experience

  • Bus-only lanes | bypass traffic
  • Traffic signal priority | less waiting at red lights
  • Defined and robust stations with level platform boarding
  • Real-time arrival information displays
  • Fare vending and off-board fare collection | faster boarding
  • Larger articulated buses | more room onboard

BRT in Other Cities

San Francisco
The Van Ness BRT corridor opened on April 1, 2022, and is already seeing an increase in ridership while transit-oriented development continues all around the transit line.

For more information about specific features of the Van Ness BRT, check out our in-depth study video here.

The Silver Line BRT has robust transit lanes protected by concrete curbs and planted medians, plus truly level boarding platforms and off-board fare payment at stations. The center-running lanes allow for shortened crossing distances among other corridor improvements for pedestrian safety.

BRT features Houston METRO Silver Line

This all-electric BRT route operates through downtown Indianapolis and uses special buses with doors on both sides to serve stations with center platforms in the middle of the street. The City of Charlotte is also considering BRT and PBS Charlotte traveled to see the IndyGo Red Line and to learn more.

BRT Rider Testimonials

Jerome in Indianapolis


Martha in San Francisco

Steven in San Francisco

BRT in Atlanta

Campbellton Corridor BRT
A center-running bus rapid transit line through Southwest Atlanta with a connection to the Red & Gold Lines at Oakland City Station.

Learn more about this project here.

Summerhill BRT
A curb-running bus rapid transit line through Southeast Atlanta with a connection to all rail lines at Five Points Station.


Learn more about this project here.

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News Media Resources

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