Edgewood-Candler Park Station
 Image - Ran Coney
 Ran Coney
  Media: stoneware clay, glaze
  Year: 1985
  Conservation Status: Cleaned 2018; Next Cleaning: 2023
  Notes: The artist chose to incorporate the elevator surround as part of the artwork, and applied the ceramic to the concrete in a pattern "that would mirror the flow of people through this station".
 Edgewood-Candler Park Station
 Image - Deedee Morrison
 Deedee Morrison
 'The Great Migration'
  Media: Brushed aluminum, LED lights
  Year: 2021
  Conservation Status: In good condition
  Notes: This public art project offers a timeless and imperative way to honor the life, vision, and legacy of Martin Luther King. Dr. King was an early advocate in asserting that health is a human right, and he recognized that social justice could not be achieved without environmental justice.
 Edgewood-Candler Park Station
 Image - Christina Kwan
 Christina Kwan
 'The Unseen'
  Media: Painted Mural
  Year: 2021
  Conservation Status: In good condition
  Notes: This mural, along with Morrison’s aluminum sculptures was part of a new Transit Oriented Development that was started in 2016. Kwan’s mural highlights her abstract style and features bold and calligraphic brush strokes inspired by her East Asian heritage.

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