Dunwoody Station
 Image - Will Roy McDaniel
 Will Roy McDaniel
  Media: etched glass, gold leaf
  Year: 1996
  Conservation Status: In Good Repair
  Notes: Through an art design competition, artist Will Roy McDaniel was selected to create a site-specific glasswork. He designed a massive composition of custom-fabricated glass crystals and gold leaf that were adhered to the large picture window overlooking the shopping mall. Penetrating light rays reflect and refract through the many cut pieces of glass creating dazzle and sparkle throughout the upper concourse level.
 Dunwoody Station
 Image - Daas
 'Flora Chroma'
  Media: Painted mural
  Year: 2022
  Conservation Status: In good condition
  Notes: This painted mural resulted from a partnership with Living Walls, the City of Dunwoody, and Perimeter Community Improvement Districts. Flora Chroma is a vibrant and colorful mural that celebrates the beauty of nature and the power of color.
 Dunwoody Station
 Image - Neka King
 Neka King
 'The Commuters'
  Media: Painted mural
  Year: 2021
  Conservation Status: In good condition
  Notes: This work resulted from a partnership with Perimeter Community Improvement Districts and UrbanTrans. In Neka King’s mural practice, the driving inspiration is the viewer. "Murals are public works that allow us to meet the viewers where they are and start conversations within a community. What that conversation will be varies from space to space." - Neka King

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