Chamblee Station
 Image - Barbara Brozik
 Barbara Brozik
 'Moving in the Light'
  Media: porcelain enamel tile, silkscreen
  Year: 1987
  Conservation Status: Scheduled Cleaning Required
  Notes: According to Brozik, the work is "totally light-hearted, for it was important to me that the art suggest happiness and fun. Loook for hanging gardens, waterfalls, forests, mountains, as well as the moon, stars, diamonds, and fans in thirteen graduated colors." The forms were printed from paper patterns silk-screened onto 3 x 3 tile and took a month to bring to completion.
 Chamblee Station
 Image - Lauren Pallotta Stumberg
 Lauren Pallotta Stumberg
 'Hold the Ladder'
  Media: Painted mural
  Year: 2023
  Conservation Status: In good repair
  Notes: This mural was brought to Chamblee Station with the help of the City of Chamblee. Stumberg is an Atlanta-based painter who utilizes nuanced motifs in her work which are derived from experiences living and working abroad in the Marshall Islands and Sicily over the course of several years. “The symbol I use most frequently in my work is an abstracted magpie. This bird is fascinating to me because it is cloaked with superstition.”- Stumberg

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