Route 197
Battle Creek Road

This route operates East/West from the Riverdale Town Center to Davidson Pkwy. along Church St., SR 85, Lamar Hutcheson Pkwy., Valley Hill Rd., Battle Creek Rd., Southlake Pkwy., Mt. Zion Rd., Mt. Zion Blvd., Mt. Zion Pkwy., Fielder Rd., SR 138, Davidson Cir. and Davidson Pkwy. in eastern Clayton County. 

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Riverdale Town CenterBattle Creek Rd & Tara BlvdMt Zion High SchoolDavidson Pwky & Davidson Cir
05:15 am05:29 am05:42 am05:52 am
06:00 am06:14 am06:28 am06:39 am
06:45 am06:59 am07:13 am07:24 am
07:30 am07:44 am07:58 am08:09 am
08:15 am08:29 am08:43 am08:54 am
09:15 am09:29 am09:42 am09:52 am
10:15 am10:29 am10:42 am10:52 am
11:15 am11:29 am11:42 am11:52 am
12:15 pm12:29 pm12:42 pm12:52 pm
01:15 pm01:29 pm01:42 pm01:52 pm
02:15 pm02:29 pm02:42 pm02:52 pm
03:00 pm03:15 pm03:29 pm03:41 pm
03:45 pm04:00 pm04:14 pm04:26 pm
04:30 pm04:45 pm04:59 pm05:11 pm
05:15 pm05:30 pm05:44 pm05:56 pm
06:00 pm06:15 pm06:29 pm06:41 pm
06:45 pm07:00 pm07:13 pm07:23 pm
07:25 pm07:39 pm07:52 pm08:02 pm
08:15 pm08:29 pm08:42 pm08:52 pm
09:15 pm09:29 pm09:42 pm09:52 pm
10:15 pm10:29 pm10:42 pm10:52 pm
11:15 pm11:29 pm11:42 pm11:52 pm
12:15 am12:29 am12:42 am12:52 am
Davidson Pwky & Davidson CirMt Zion High SchoolBattle Creek Rd & Tara BlvdRiverdale Town Center
04:38 am04:47 am05:00 am05:15 am
05:22 am05:31 am05:44 am06:00 am
06:06 am06:15 am06:29 am06:45 am
06:51 am07:00 am07:14 am07:30 am
07:36 am07:45 am07:59 am08:15 am
08:22 am08:31 am08:45 am09:00 am
09:08 am09:17 am09:30 am09:45 am
10:08 am10:17 am10:30 am10:45 am
11:08 am11:17 am11:30 am11:45 am
12:08 pm12:17 pm12:30 pm12:45 pm
01:08 pm01:17 pm01:30 pm01:45 pm
02:08 pm02:17 pm02:30 pm02:45 pm
03:04 pm03:14 pm03:28 pm03:45 pm
03:49 pm03:59 pm04:13 pm04:30 pm
04:34 pm04:44 pm04:58 pm05:15 pm
05:19 pm05:29 pm05:43 pm06:00 pm
06:04 pm06:14 pm06:28 pm06:45 pm
07:08 pm07:17 pm07:30 pm07:45 pm
08:08 pm08:17 pm08:30 pm08:45 pm
09:08 pm09:17 pm09:30 pm09:45 pm
10:08 pm10:17 pm10:30 pm10:45 pm
11:08 pm11:17 pm11:30 pm11:45 pm
12:08 am12:17 am12:30 am12:45 am