Route 183

This routes operates East/West from Lakewood/Ft. McPherson Station to Campbellton Rd. and County Line Rd. along Arthur Langford Pkwy., Campbellton Rd., Greenbriar Pkwy., Barge Rd., Campbellton Rd., County Line Rd. and Butner Rd. Point of Interest: Greenbriar Mall.

Route 183 - Niskey Lake Road Detour (limit two trips per day)

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Due to safety concerns regarding lane widths on Niskey Lake Rd, Route 183 will be on detour until further notice. Service will not operate north of Campbellton Rd along Niskey Lake Rd and County Line Rd at this time. MARTA bus stops located on Campbellton Rd near Niskey Lake Rd and Campbellton Rd near County Line Rd are available for service to Barge Rd Park and Ride and Lakewood Station.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
County Line Rd & Campbellton RdBarge Rd @ Barge Road HighriseGreenbriar Pkwy & FontainebleauLakewood Station
05:14 am05:28 am05:35 am05:48 am
05:54 am06:08 am06:15 am06:28 am
06:34 am06:48 am06:55 am07:08 am
07:14 am07:28 am07:35 am07:48 am
07:54 am08:08 am08:15 am08:28 am
08:34 am08:48 am08:55 am09:08 am
09:14 am09:28 am09:35 am09:48 am
09:54 am10:08 am10:15 am10:28 am
10:34 am10:48 am10:55 am11:08 am
11:14 am11:28 am11:35 am11:48 am
11:54 am12:08 pm12:15 pm12:28 pm
12:34 pm12:48 pm12:55 pm01:08 pm
01:14 pm01:28 pm01:35 pm01:48 pm
01:54 pm02:08 pm02:15 pm02:28 pm
02:34 pm02:48 pm02:55 pm03:08 pm
03:14 pm03:28 pm03:35 pm03:48 pm
03:54 pm04:08 pm04:15 pm04:28 pm
04:34 pm04:48 pm04:55 pm05:08 pm
05:14 pm05:28 pm05:35 pm05:48 pm
05:54 pm06:08 pm06:15 pm06:28 pm
06:34 pm06:48 pm06:55 pm07:08 pm
07:14 pm07:28 pm07:35 pm07:48 pm
07:54 pm08:08 pm08:15 pm08:28 pm
08:34 pm08:48 pm08:55 pm09:08 pm
09:14 pm09:28 pm09:35 pm09:48 pm
09:54 pm10:08 pm10:15 pm10:28 pm
10:34 pm10:48 pm10:55 pm11:08 pm
11:14 pm11:28 pm11:35 pm11:48 pm
11:54 pm12:08 am12:15 am12:28 am
12:34 am12:48 am12:55 am01:08 am
Lakewood StationGreenbriar Pkwy & FontainebleauBarge Rd @ Barge Road HighriseCounty Line Rd & Campbellton Rd
06:10 am06:20 am06:27 am06:34 am
06:50 am07:00 am07:07 am07:14 am
07:30 am07:40 am07:47 am07:54 am
08:10 am08:20 am08:27 am08:34 am
08:50 am09:00 am09:07 am09:14 am
09:30 am09:40 am09:47 am09:54 am
10:10 am10:20 am10:27 am10:34 am
10:50 am11:00 am11:07 am11:14 am
11:30 am11:40 am11:47 am11:54 am
12:10 pm12:20 pm12:27 pm12:34 pm
12:50 pm01:00 pm01:07 pm01:14 pm
01:30 pm01:40 pm01:47 pm01:54 pm
02:10 pm02:20 pm02:27 pm02:34 pm
02:50 pm03:00 pm03:07 pm03:14 pm
03:30 pm03:40 pm03:47 pm03:54 pm
04:10 pm04:20 pm04:27 pm04:34 pm
04:50 pm05:00 pm05:07 pm05:14 pm
05:30 pm05:40 pm05:47 pm05:54 pm
06:10 pm06:20 pm06:27 pm06:34 pm
06:50 pm07:00 pm07:07 pm07:14 pm
07:30 pm07:40 pm07:47 pm07:54 pm
08:10 pm08:20 pm08:27 pm08:34 pm
08:50 pm09:00 pm09:07 pm09:14 pm
09:30 pm09:40 pm09:47 pm09:54 pm
10:10 pm10:20 pm10:27 pm10:34 pm
10:50 pm11:00 pm11:07 pm11:14 pm
11:30 pm11:40 pm11:47 pm11:54 pm
12:10 am12:20 am12:27 am12:34 am