Route 148
Sandy Springs / Riveredge Parkway

Route 148 weekday peak only route operates East/West from Sandy Springs station to Riveredge Office Park primarily along Mt. Vernon Hwy., Johnson Ferry Rd., Powers Ferry Rd., New Northside Dr., Interstate N. Pkwy., to Riveredge Pkwy. Point of Interest: Fulton County School Admin. Bldg.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Sandy Springs StationMt Vernon Hwy & Roswell RdRiverEdge Center
06:00 am06:11 am06:27 am
07:00 am07:11 am07:27 am
08:00 am08:11 am08:27 am
09:00 am09:11 am09:27 am
10:00 am10:11 am10:27 am
03:30 pm03:43 pm03:59 pm
04:30 pm04:43 pm04:59 pm
05:30 pm05:43 pm05:59 pm
06:30 pm06:43 pm06:59 pm
RiverEdge CenterMt Vernon Hwy & Roswell RdSandy Springs Station
06:32 am06:48 am06:55 am
07:32 am07:48 am07:55 am
08:32 am08:48 am08:55 am
09:32 am09:48 am09:55 am
10:32 am10:48 am10:55 am
03:02 pm03:18 pm03:25 pm
04:02 pm04:18 pm04:25 pm
05:02 pm05:18 pm05:25 pm
06:02 pm06:18 pm06:25 pm
07:02 pm07:18 pm07:25 pm