Route 123
Church Street

This route operates North/South from Decatur Station to Lulah Hills along Commerce Dr., Church St., N. Decatur Rd., DeKalb Ind. Way, Lawrenceville Hwy., N. Druid Hills Rd., Birch Rd, and Sweetbriar Rd. Point of Interest: Emory Decatur Hospital, Suburban Plaza, and Lulah Hills.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
North DeKalb Mall Emory Decatur HospitalDecatur Station
06:57 am07:10 am07:20 am
07:57 am08:10 am08:20 am
08:59 am09:11 am09:20 am
09:59 am10:11 am10:20 am
10:59 am11:11 am11:20 am
11:59 am12:11 pm12:20 pm
12:59 pm01:11 pm01:20 pm
01:59 pm02:11 pm02:20 pm
02:59 pm03:11 pm03:20 pm
03:58 pm04:10 pm04:20 pm
04:58 pm05:10 pm05:20 pm
05:58 pm06:10 pm06:20 pm
06:59 pm07:11 pm07:20 pm
07:59 pm08:11 pm08:20 pm
08:59 pm09:11 pm09:20 pm
09:59 pm10:11 pm10:20 pm
Decatur StationEmory Decatur HospitalNorth DeKalb Mall
06:35 am06:44 am06:55 am
07:35 am07:44 am07:55 am
08:35 am08:44 am08:55 am
09:35 am09:44 am09:55 am
10:35 am10:44 am10:55 am
11:35 am11:44 am11:55 am
12:35 pm12:44 pm12:55 pm
01:35 pm01:44 pm01:55 pm
02:35 pm02:44 pm02:55 pm
03:35 pm03:44 pm03:58 pm
04:35 pm04:44 pm04:58 pm
05:35 pm05:44 pm05:58 pm
06:35 pm06:43 pm06:53 pm
07:35 pm07:43 pm07:53 pm
08:35 pm08:43 pm08:53 pm
09:35 pm09:43 pm09:53 pm