Getting to and from the Airport

MARTA is a great way to get to and from the airport. Our Red and Gold Lines travel directly to the Domestic Terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport — and when we say directly, we mean it. Airport station is a fully functional MARTA station located in the middle of the airport’s North and South baggage claims.

And it's not just about dodging Atlanta's traffic. The Airport MARTA station is chock full of added benefits and convenience for riders, like full-service RideStores and trained personnel ready to assist any of your travel needs. If you’re flying Delta and only taking carry-on luggage, a Delta Self-Service kiosk area is located right inside the station. Just check your bag and head on over to the security checkpoint.

Of course, taking MARTA to the airport does cut down on parking costs and travel hassles. Rather than paying for long-term airport parking, you get to park on your own terms. All you need is $5 for a round trip ticket and a way to board MARTA. Check out our Parking Availability and Parking Fees pages if you’re interested in parking at one of our MARTA stations around Atlanta.

Whether you’re coming back from a trip or getting ready to head to the airport, it's also a good idea to keep an eye on MARTA’s schedule. Take a look at our train schedules and bus schedules to make sure your routes are on time. Also note: if you’re traveling to North Springs, you’ll have to transfer to the Red Line at Lindbergh Center station.

Next time you have a flight to catch, give MARTA a try — we'll take care of the driving.

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