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Countdown to Breeze Card Conversion
July 9th

After July 9, 2017:
Your old Blue Card will no longer be accepted! Any remaining value, trips or passes will be lost.

 Questions? Call MARTA Customer Service at 404-848-5000. Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions 
Regarding Replacing Blue Breeze Cards with Silver Cards 

1. What is happening with our Breeze Cards?
MARTA is transitioning from the current card to a new, more secure card.

2. Why are we transitioning to a new card? 
The old blue card could be compromised and exposed to fraudulent activity. The new silver card has a more secure chip which reduces the opportunity for fraud.

3. What is the cost of the new silver Breeze Card?
The new Breeze Card will cost $2.00 in addition to the cost of a fare or pass.

4. How long will these new cards last? 
The new cards remain valid for three (3) years after purchase date.

5. Will MARTA transfer remaining fare/and or value from the old Blue cards to the new silver cards ?
A customer can transfer the unexpired balance from their blue card to the silver card provided the blue card is registered (of course after the transfer, the new silver card will now be registered). The transfer needs to be done on or before July 9, 2017. After July 9, 2017, any value, trips or passes will be lost.

6. How long will I have to use the old blue cards? 
You will be able to reload the blue card until March 31, 2017. After March 31, 2017, you will still be able to use your blue card; however, you will not be able to reload it with a new fare or pass. Effective July 9, 2017 you will only be able to use the new silver Breeze Card to ride MARTA. 

7. I have a Reduced Fare/Mobility card or I get my card from my employer/school. When can I swap out my old card for the new card?
The Reduced Fare /Mobility Breeze Cards, employer/school issued cards have been undergoing replacement since early March 2016. We will communicate with you about available times and places to receive your new Breeze Card. Until then, continue to use your blue card without interruption.

8. Will my Reduced Fare/Mobility card look like the new silver card?
No, the new Reduced Fare/Mobility card will be orange and your photo will be on the face of the card. 

9. Is there a charge for the new Reduced Fare/Mobility card?
No, there is no charge for the new Reduced Fare/Mobility card. 

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