Route 34
2nd Ave/Gresham Rd/Clifton Spgs Rd

Route 34 operates North/South from East Lake Station to GSU Perimeter Decatur Campus primarily along via 2nd Ave., Gresham Rd., Clifton Church Rd., and Clifton Springs Rd. Select trips via Vickie Ln. and Corral Dr. Points of Interest: East Lake Golf Club, and William "Buck" Godfrey Stadium

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
GSU Perimeter College DecaturClifton Church Rd & Gresham RdGresham Rd & Flat Shoals Rd2nd Ave & Glenwood AveEast Lake Station (South Loop)
04:51 am05:00 am05:12 am05:18 am05:25 am
05:24 am05:33 am05:42 am05:48 am05:55 am
05:49 am05:58 am06:11 am06:18 am06:25 am
06:21 am06:31 am06:41 am06:48 am06:55 am
06:48 am06:58 am07:11 am07:18 am07:25 am
07:21 am07:31 am07:41 am07:48 am07:55 am
07:48 am07:58 am08:11 am08:18 am08:25 am
08:21 am08:31 am08:41 am08:48 am08:55 am
09:05 am09:15 am09:22 am09:28 am09:35 am
09:45 am09:55 am10:02 am10:08 am10:15 am
10:25 am10:35 am10:42 am10:48 am10:55 am
11:05 am11:15 am11:22 am11:28 am11:35 am
11:45 am11:55 am12:02 pm12:08 pm12:15 pm
12:25 pm12:35 pm12:42 pm12:48 pm12:55 pm
01:05 pm01:15 pm01:22 pm01:28 pm01:35 pm
01:45 pm01:55 pm02:02 pm02:08 pm02:15 pm
02:25 pm02:35 pm02:42 pm02:48 pm02:55 pm
02:55 pm03:05 pm03:12 pm03:18 pm03:25 pm
03:23 pm03:33 pm03:41 pm03:48 pm03:55 pm
03:53 pm04:03 pm04:11 pm04:18 pm04:25 pm
04:23 pm04:33 pm04:41 pm04:48 pm04:55 pm
04:53 pm05:03 pm05:11 pm05:18 pm05:25 pm
05:23 pm05:33 pm05:41 pm05:48 pm05:55 pm
05:53 pm06:03 pm06:11 pm06:18 pm06:25 pm
06:26 pm06:35 pm06:42 pm06:48 pm06:55 pm
07:06 pm07:15 pm07:22 pm07:28 pm07:35 pm
07:46 pm07:55 pm08:02 pm08:08 pm08:15 pm
08:26 pm08:35 pm08:42 pm08:48 pm08:55 pm
09:06 pm09:15 pm09:22 pm09:28 pm09:35 pm
09:46 pm09:55 pm10:02 pm10:08 pm10:15 pm
10:26 pm10:35 pm10:42 pm10:48 pm10:55 pm
11:06 pm11:15 pm11:22 pm11:28 pm11:35 pm
11:46 pm11:55 pm12:02 am12:08 am12:15 am
East Lake Station (South Loop)2nd Ave & Glenwood AveGresham Rd & Flat Shoals RdClifton Church Rd & Gresham RdGSU Perimeter College Decatur
05:40 am05:47 am05:53 am06:00 am06:10 am
06:10 am06:17 am06:24 am06:32 am06:42 am
06:40 am06:47 am06:54 am07:02 am07:12 am
07:10 am07:17 am07:24 am07:32 am07:42 am
07:40 am07:47 am07:54 am08:02 am08:12 am
08:10 am08:17 am08:24 am08:32 am08:42 am
08:40 am08:47 am08:54 am09:02 am09:12 am
09:10 am09:17 am09:23 am09:30 am09:40 am
09:50 am09:57 am10:03 am10:10 am10:20 am
10:30 am10:37 am10:43 am10:50 am11:00 am
11:10 am11:17 am11:23 am11:30 am11:40 am
11:50 am11:57 am12:03 pm12:10 pm12:20 pm
12:30 pm12:37 pm12:43 pm12:50 pm01:00 pm
01:10 pm01:17 pm01:23 pm01:30 pm01:40 pm
01:50 pm01:57 pm02:03 pm02:10 pm02:20 pm
02:30 pm02:37 pm02:43 pm02:50 pm03:00 pm
03:10 pm03:17 pm03:23 pm03:30 pm03:40 pm
03:40 pm03:47 pm03:54 pm04:07 pm04:17 pm
04:10 pm04:17 pm04:24 pm04:34 pm04:44 pm
04:40 pm04:47 pm04:54 pm05:07 pm05:17 pm
05:10 pm05:17 pm05:24 pm05:34 pm05:44 pm
05:40 pm05:47 pm05:54 pm06:07 pm06:17 pm
06:10 pm06:17 pm06:24 pm06:34 pm06:43 pm
06:40 pm06:47 pm06:53 pm07:05 pm07:14 pm
07:10 pm07:17 pm07:23 pm07:30 pm07:39 pm
07:50 pm07:57 pm08:03 pm08:10 pm08:19 pm
08:30 pm08:37 pm08:43 pm08:50 pm08:59 pm
09:10 pm09:17 pm09:23 pm09:30 pm09:39 pm
09:50 pm09:57 pm10:03 pm10:10 pm10:19 pm
10:30 pm10:37 pm10:43 pm10:50 pm10:59 pm
11:10 pm11:17 pm11:23 pm11:30 pm11:39 pm
11:50 pm11:57 pm12:03 am12:12 am12:21 am
12:30 am12:37 am12:43 am12:55 am01:04 am